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Hourly Rate-  This rate applies to any session under ten hours and includes an engineer. When planning for a studio session,                        $35.00        always be sure to budget time for editing and mix-down.                                                                                                                                                     

Block Rates- (all day blocks include a one hour lunch and one hour dinner break)

1 Day- $300.00  (10 Hours) 9am-9pm or 10am-10pm - This is our most popular block rate. Great for quick band demos or mix-tapes.

2 Day- $575.00  (20 Hours) Two Consecutive Days - A nice chunk of studio time for making a great demo or fully "produced" song.  

3 Day- $850.00  (30 Hours) Three Consecutive Days -  This block rate is perfect for creating a fully "produced" demo.

Album Block- At Underground Sound, we have worked with many artists to create amazing sounding full length album projects at a                                   fraction of the cost you might expect. 

If you are interested in doing a full album project with us, please contact us by phone to schedule a meeting here at the studio or by phone. Album projects can vary greatly when it comes to studio time needed, so after we discuss the details of your project, we will create an "Album Block" quote based on the amount of time estimated. 

Once we have spoken to you via phone or email, you will be directed to use one of the links below to reserve your session date and time.

Deposits are non-refundable 

*Please do not send a deposit without first speaking with us and making sure the date and time you want is available.*
Session Deposits
     $35.00 Deposit                                              $75.00 Deposit
5 hours or less                                                                   6 hours or more