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At Underground Sound, our number one priority is to help you make the best sounding product at the lowest cost possible. We already offer super low rates, but we also want to help you better prepare for your session so that you get more accomplished in less time. 

Here are a few simple things that will help you get the most out of your session:

1) Show up on time. The hourly clock starts the minute your session was scheduled so don't end up paying for unused time! 

2) Come well rehearsed. If you know your songs inside and out, the recording session will be fast and easy!

3) Guitarists- make sure your guitars have proper intonation and that your new strings have been worked in a bit. Same goes for bassists! 

4) Bands- If you plan to record to a click track (which I highly recommend) practice to a metronome before coming in to record. Not only will you be more comfortable with the click when you do record, but you will know the BPMs of each song ahead of time. 

5) Singers & Rappers- Have your lyrics written and ready before coming to the studio. Bring copies of your lyrics with you. 

6) Drummers- The studio drum kit is available for use, but is not always a time saver. I've found that the quickest drum set-ups happen when the drummer brings his own kit, which is already tuned and heads worked in a bit. Show up 20 minutes before your session starts and start setting up your stands/cymbals outside. This will make your set-up super fast. 
For those of you less familiar with how recording works, I've created this list of questions I am most frequently asked.  There are also many online resources for educating yourself about recording and the music business.  Just "Google" your interest.

Q:  How much does it cost to record?
A:  The cost is based on how much time is required for the recording and mixing of your music and then converting your final product to CD.  Your rate will include the studio facility and engineer.
Q:  Okay, I understand that it's time based.  How much time is involved in the process?
A:  It's really up to you, based on your needs and other factors:
 - Are you a band or a solo artist?
 - How many instruments?
 - How many vocal parts?
 - How proficient are the musicians in playing/singing        their parts without mistakes?
 - What type of effects do you want added, and to what       tracks?
 - What will the finished product be used for?
 - What genre of music is involved?
 - How "complex" is the music?
 - How particular are you, and how willing are you to          accept a performance that is less than perfect?
 - How much editing and "tweaking" will you want me to    do?
 - Do you prefer a "let's get this done" session, or a            more laid-back recording experience?
Q:  Okay, so give me a rough estimate...
A:  As you can imagine, I am hesitant to give time estimates as one song could take an hour, a day, or even weeks, depending on the above factors.  But since it is the most frequently asked question I get, I will give you these non-binding, very rough estimates:  A well-rehearsed acoustic guitarist/singer could walk out of the studio with a 5 song demo in about four hours.  A 4-5 person local band looking to produce a high-quality demo or an album to sell at shows, etc., should budget about half a day per song for the finished product.  If you have further questions, please call or email me anytime.